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Gamer’s Tools are Your Friend

If you are a game as i am then you have a few pieces of technology lying around your house for that express use. Nine time out of ten the controller or arcade stick craps out on you in the middle of whatever score or goal you are trying to accomplish. This means that the failure is that of the manufacturer who you put your trust and hard earned money behind and no yourself. While looking for the best ps4 arcade stick money can buy I came across a few of the worst. Here are my experienced with said arcade sticks and peripherals along with my recommendations.

Game Pads and Controllers

If you are a pro gamer to an extent you know that the controllers that come out of the box do not serve the purpose that is needed by a hardcore gamer. We need more. A few companies decided that they can fulfill that purpose but most of them only make cheap devices to make a profit hoping that you wont complain but that you will just keep buying from the. It is quite deplorable. You would be better off building your own arcade stick as you can control what parts are in your fight stick.

nice-tvQuality Televisions

When it comes to what a gamer needs to function properly a good television makes it to the top of the list. Imagine this, you are aiming down scope for a perfect kill but you can’t see because its blurry. You would miss right? This is because of a low quality television. Do yourself and upgrade your television and improve your accuracy dramatically.

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Deciding Which Hair Clippers Are Best For Pros

In the event you are searching around a store in need of something to cut hair efficiently, you might want to take a few things into consideration. Well for the uneducated consumer, the pros and cons of some of the hair clippers out there can be a little bit confusing. It all boils down to what your goals are for hair clippers. Does the strength of the electric motor matter at all? Are you using them as a tool for your business or are they for your personal use? If your answer is yes to either of these questions there are some things you should take into consideration when purchasing the best hair clippers for the money.


Top Hair Clipper Reviews

A quick search of the most popular websites that sell electronics will give you a good idea of what is selling and what isn’t. usually the best hair clippers have the most reviews and the highest ratings like the bevel hair trimmer from Walker and Co. The thing that is tricky about relying on reviews is that you don’t know if the people reviewing the hair clippers are using them the same way you plan on using them. The trick to this is to search the reviews for someone who is doing what you want with the clippers and go from there. Chances are there is someone who has the same situation as you who reviewed the hair clippers. If they liked them and recommend them then you can make an informed decision on purchasing them. A good place to start is a site that has reviewed the best hair clippers here.

Best Hair Clipper Prices

The prices of the hair clippers can vary dramatically depending on the type of clippers you are searching for. The thing about this is that just because it is expensive doesn’t mean that it is the best. When you run into this situation it is best to get a feel for the hair clippers. If you go to a local store that sells the model you want see if they have some on display that you can hold in your hand to feel the weight and the quality of them. From there you can make your decision on whether to purchase them or not to use in your man cave.

Quality Hair Clippers

The quality of the hair clippers varies depending on the manufacturers like Andis. Many manufacturers make hair clippers but not all of them do it right. When you are searching for your set of clippers make sure you research the warranty the companies offers to back up their products. If they have a low quality warranty program chances are they don’t believe in their product enough to back it up for several years of professional use. These are the companies you should stay away from.

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Home Electronics. How Much is Too Much?


As men, most of us don’t know when enough is too much when it comes to expensive toys. If we are financially able to purchase the toys of our dreams our man caves would be something to behold. But have you ever asked yourself the question, Is this too much crap? We all know that the expensive toy we buy today will be obsolete tomorrow, so why do we continue to give up our hard earned money for companies that use planned obsolescence to fill their pockets.

The Coolest Man Cave

Men are large children. We want to buy these toys so we can show our friends how cool we are. Which means it serves no other function other than to show of to someone or others who try to show off to you. It is a crazy cycle, at the end of the day who cares who has the biggest television? I certainly don’t so i decided to make a vow to myself not to show off anything to anyone. Needless to say my life has been extreme;y boring as that was a major part of my life. Buy something and show it off.

Balling on a Budget

I know what you are thinking, I don’t want to show off but I still like to have nice things, what should I do? Well my answer to you sir is for you to get whatever the hell you want. You are grown dude, you deserve nice things so buy it. But don’t buy things for the express intention to show off to someone else. This is very unhealthy not to mention you look stupid.

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