Gamer’s Tools are Your Friend

If you are a game as i am then you have a few pieces of technology lying around your house for that express use. Nine time out of ten the controller or arcade stick craps out on you in the middle of whatever score or goal you are trying to accomplish. This means that the failure is that of the manufacturer who you put your trust and hard earned money behind and no yourself. While looking for the best ps4 arcade stick money can buy I came across a few of the worst. Here are my experienced with said arcade sticks and peripherals along with my recommendations.

Game Pads and Controllers

If you are a pro gamer to an extent you know that the controllers that come out of the box do not serve the purpose that is needed by a hardcore gamer. We need more. A few companies decided that they can fulfill that purpose but most of them only make cheap devices to make a profit hoping that you wont complain but that you will just keep buying from the. It is quite deplorable. You would be better off building your own arcade stick as you can control what parts are in your fight stick.

nice-tvQuality Televisions

When it comes to what a gamer needs to function properly a good television makes it to the top of the list. Imagine this, you are aiming down scope for a perfect kill but you can’t see because its blurry. You would miss right? This is because of a low quality television. Do yourself and upgrade your television and improve your accuracy dramatically.

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